Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SPM yg menggementarkan !

Ke hadapan BLOG tercinta J

SPM is like 5 more days . Do I stress right now ?? I don’t think so . Ahaaha . But it doesn’t mean that I am that ready for the SPM . I just don’t wanna stress myself because I know it just causes me into trouble . Emm , my study ?? GOD !! there are still so many to be covered . But yet I am still sitting here like no big examination coming soon . Ahaahah ! But CHILL BEBEH ! Like I said before , I don’t wanna stress myself . I had do revisions & exercises . I did attend quiet many classes . Guess what ? I am one of those students who really give some effort for the SPM . (kenen) . ahaaha . Anyway , it is no doubt that the upcoming SPM examination really makes me nervous . Its like my heart just pounding out of my chest . I try handling this nervousness though . All I have to do now is get my books , do some revision , exercises , focus , no more play time , reduce that so called facebooking and pray a lot to God ( the most important ) .

#HUHh . Okay guys , see u all in the next post . SPM , I know u’re waiting for me . hold on a second . VRROOOOMMM !! J